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2003 - .83

2004 - .72

2005 - .74

2006 - .85

2007 - .83

2008 - .87

2009 - .78

2010 - .79

2011 - .93

2012 - .93

 I am writting this letter to express my sincerest appreciation for your efforts on the Lincoln Park Stadium Improvment project. This is very important to our community. It is a collaboration of many entities including the City of Grand Junction, Junior College World Series Committe, Mesa County Valley School District #51, Colorado Mesa University and Mesa County. Needless to say this is a high profile project in this city.

AP's performance on this project, without question, was the most impressive I've seen in many years. Your onsite competent supervision, your ability to plan and schedule and the great attitudes of all your employees made this a fun and sucessful project.

I look forward to continueing our successful relationship into the future. Thank you again for you hard work.


Marc Litzen/ FCI Constructors - Grand Junction, CO.



My name is Steve Ebert and I have been a Superintendent for Adolfson & Peterson for over 20 years and with the company for 25 years.

Over the past years, I have had the privilege of working with AP Construction a concrete formwork company here in Denver. Recently I had worked with them on a 5-story medical office building. This building was on a fast track schedule and had many obstacles to conquer.

The building itself had 18' basement walls with very large concrete shafts, two feature stairs, elevators and our main electrical/ bathrooms. This work was coordinated with all trades through on site meeting and went very smoothly. The professional people at AP Construction kept everything running like clockwork and the safety was some of the best ever demonstrated.

We at Adolfson & Peterson truly can recommend AP Construction, Inc. for any concrete formwork on any project.


Steve Ebert

Project Superintendent/ Adolfson & Peterson Construction


The Broadway Plaza Lofts project is in final inspection phase at this point, and will be open for leasing in February 2005. To bring a 10 story, 223 unit apartment building online in 16 months is a big accomplishment.

Special thanks go out to the outstanding performance of your team. Of note is Doug's suggestion to table the forms and the structure in two halves. The efficiency of tables allowed pouring a floor plate per week and building in two towers allowed finish and skin trades a four month jump on scheduling.

Your teams ability to interact positively with the rodbuster, plumber and electrician allowed for work on your forms to be scheduled to the hour. This resulted in a project that we are all very proud of.

Thank you again for a job well done.


Jim Kohler

Project Manager/ Calcon Constructors


On behalf of The Neenan Company project team, I would like to congratulate you on a job well done at The Larimer County Fairgrounds and Event Center project.

It has been a fast 18 months since we commenced work on site and our collective efforts have culminated in a fabulous new facility for the Northern Colorado Community.

Your hard work and dedication to this project have not gone unnoticed. Through long days and nights, a record snow storm and other miscellaneous hurdles your contributions have shown up in the finished product.

Our success in completing this project on time could not have happened without the support and cooperation by you and your project team.

We appreciate the professional and friendly manner in which everyone within your organization handled the project and we look forward to working with you again on future projects.

Congratulations on a job well done, pat yourselves on the back, and most of all thank you for all the hard work.



Bob Meserve

Senior Project Manager/ The Neenan Company


We are currently in the close-out stage of the project. The Owner is extremely happy with the facility and of all the multifamily housing projects they have developed, this one seems to be very special and perhaps fit the elderly population the best. We like the owner are very proud of the project.

Our success on the Silvercrest project can be attributed in large part to many of our subcontractors and especially your firm.

Your managment and scheduling skills, both in your office and on the jobsite, were very professional in every regard. We look forward to our next project with your organization and highly recommend your services to anyone in search of a "first-rate" outfit to help construct their project.


Pinkard Construction Company

John E. Hawkins/ Project Manager

LeRoy E. Jefferson/ Project Superintendent


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